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Women and Creatine: Benefits, Risks, and the Best Time to Take It

Updated: Apr 30


Do you know Creatine is a well-known supplement? Yes, it is widely used to enhance performance, increase muscle mass as well as strength. As such, it has been a point of debate as to whether or not women should take it. This article highlights important aspects of this supplement concerning women.


What is Creatine and how does it work?

Creatine is a substance naturally found in your muscles. It is synthesized in the liver with a combination of arginine, methionine and glycine amino acids. Its major role in the body involves supplying energy to muscle cells during exercise.  This is done through a complicated process through which it helps replenish ATP, the so-called “energy currency” of cells. Due to this role in the body, the substance has been manufactured and is currently available as a supplement common among fitness enthusiasts.


Women and Creatine supplements

Due to its association with muscle growth, water retention and weight gain, a question that has constantly risen is, can women take Creatine? While it may be partially true that Creatine may not be good for women, research has actually shown some benefits of Creatine supplements in women. This means that women can actually use this supplement and improve their athletic performance as well as their muscle mass.


Benefits of Creatine for women

There are several benefits of Creatine for women. Although most research on the benefits of Creatine has been done to men, the little research done on women has shown that the supplement could:

● Increase strength and endurance

This is a much needed quality in fitness and allows one to improve their fitness as well as gain muscles.

● Increase muscle mass

As a supplement, Creatine has been shown to also improve muscle mass in women. This helps them workout harder and stronger.


Other less explored benefits of Creatine supplementation include:

● Reducing fatigue

● Improving recovery time

● Enhancing cognitive functions


Best Time to take Creatine for women

Having considered the question on whether or not women can take Creatine, the next logical question is usually what is the best time to take Creatine? Timing of Creatine intake is a widely explored topic not only in men but in females as well. In fitness, supplements are usually either taken pre or post workout periods. Research has shown that pre workout supplementation is possibly beneficial compared to post workout. This is because during this period, Creatine is rapidly absorbed into the body and this provides an immediate source of energy to the muscles during workout. On the aspect of timing however, several studies have concluded that some effects in women probably require a long duration of use.

How much Creatine should women take?

Due to differences in physiology, women and men have different dosages of Creatine to use.  A recommended dosage of about 3 to 5 g of Creatine per day should be taken initially before gradually increasing it. This is of course lower compared to doses taken by men. It is important that one follows instructions carefully to avoid any adverse effects. A consultation with experts could help reduce instances of these reactions and ensure optimal benefits.


Choosing the right supplements

Like many supplements in the fitness industry, Creatine supplements come in different forms and types. Getting the right type for women could be a little problematic. Existing brands include:

● Creatine monohydrate

● Creatine hydrochloride

● Creatine ethyl ester

While each may have its own benefits and drawbacks, it comes down to individual preference. One should look into each available brand and choose what might be beneficial to them.


How to incorporate Creatine into fitness routine

Daily intake of the recommended dosage of Creatine will help women get better results during workouts. Another approach could include experimentation to find the optimum timing of taking the supplement since each individual reacts differently to different timing.


In conclusion, women can comfortably take Creatine supplements and benefit from them as men do. Personal preferences and goals also play a role to help get optimal benefits.

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