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2019-02-06, 21:43
‘Yuliyana is a fantastic personal trainer, who has helped me develop my fitness, strength, general health and well-being, as well as confidence. I started when I was in terrible shape and recovering from illness and her personalised exercises were brilliantly designed to help me build my strength, in a way that pushed me, but never beyond my ability. Her help was a key factor in my recovery and how quickly I got better. I could see results within the first two weeks and I have been healthier and happier than ever before with her help. She is ambitious for her clients and never stops working and doing her best to improve their fitness, strength and general health. She never stops pushing me to be the best I can be and I am so grateful to her for everything.
Jeanette Chapman
2018-10-29, 19:00
About 7 months ago I decided to invest in my health and well-being. I was about to turn 50, and was the heaviest I have ever been and the biggest a size 22.

I decided I needed to take action fast and looked for a personal trainer, luckily my brother recommended Yullyana I phoned her and she was very helpful so I booked a session.

I was dreading my first session as I was very self conscious due to my size, but Yullyana was brilliant she was so encouraging and I felt so good after my first session so I signed up on the spot..

7 months later I am now a size 16 and I feel great, healthier and my confidence has rocketed. I have lean muscles I feel stronger and can't believe I can do sit-ups and push -ups my core feels so much stronger and my knees don't ache anymore, I feel so much younger.

I am not going to lie to you, it wasn't easy, but if you are committed to really turning your life around and willing to work hard, than Yullyana is the trainer for you,

She is an excellent motivator, she will keep you on track and is really dedicated, and she has never let me down, she watches what I eat and has given me great nutritional advice too. Her works outs are inventive and never boring.
I love the way she pushes ands gets so much more out of me than I could ever do on my own. Yullyana I am truly grateful that you too have invested in my health and well
Joanna Kosta
2018-03-05, 15:26
Yuliyana is an excellent personal trainer. I started seeing her after having picked up a number of
injuries playing tennis and she has been able to help me resolve those with targeted exercises. She
has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the human body and can home in on exactly which muscle needs
work. Her sessions are varied and enjoyable and Yuliyana is very attentive, focusing on correct form
and motivating you through to the end of the set. I’ve learnt a great deal about my body through
working with Yuliyana and cannot recommend her highly enough.
Tony Briam
2018-03-05, 10:23
Yulianya has been training me for the last 18 months. I'm 67 and have never had a personal trainer before, just having done my own cardio exercise in the gym. She has made a huge difference to me, teaching me many new exercises, resulting in my core muscles being much stronger as well as general improvements in my overall fitness and mobility. Yulianya is very knowledgeable, good fun, and makes you work hard within your own capabilities. I thoroughly recommend her
Elise Golden
2018-03-02, 19:22
I have been training with Yuliyana for 3 years and can honestly say it’s made a huge difference to my fitness level. I sit at a desk all day long and rely on her sessions to undo the harm from that and build me up so I no longer have chronic headaches and back/shoulder pain.

She is very knowledgable so her attention to the detail of how I am exercising means she will suggest small alterations which make all the difference for an extremely effective workout. Each session is different so I am never bored. I like that she is strict with me, always encouraging me to do a bit more rather than accept any lame excuses. Most importantly, we have a real laugh together and that means I am always willing to come and work hard!
Holly Patterson
2018-02-18, 18:57
Knowing I needed to get more active, I was chatting to Yuliyana (who is also my fabulous hairstylist), whom I knew is also a PT, about trying out the gym. Yuliyana suggested I come with a friend to see how I like it, and so I did. That was back in September 2017 and I haven't looked back since.

We've not missed a single session. Every session is different. We're never bored - Yuliyana is so inventive when it comes to workouts - no two sessions are ever the same. She takes the time to show us exactly how an exercise should be done, and shes mighty impressive and oh-so-strong! She gives good feedback, is straightforward and honest, but with gentle humour, which I like.

I feel so much stronger & fitter. I'm much more aware of my body and how it feels. I think about my posture all the time, now I know how I should be holding myself - Yuliyana's knowledge of the human body is impressive.

Yuliyana is very attentive to her clients - she can spot areas of my body that need attention, that I don't even realise - she shows us how to stretch and massage ourselves at home, using specific equipment, between sessions. She is also very sensitive and genuinely caring; I appreciate the time she takes to listen - about everything.

Yuliyana has also helped me with my diet - I know exactly what I should be eating and when. She takes time to contact me by text to see how I'm doing, what I'm eating and giving me tips, and being supportive all the time. I have received so much more than I thought I would get thru signing-up with her; it is money so well spent.

I ALWAYS leave a session feeling totally positive - and mostly exhausted! The days after when my muscles ache is a great feeling... you know it's working.

My body has changed shape and continues to. My friend and I do two 1-hour sessions a week together - we both wish we could do more! In the beginning I thought I would do it for a bit to see how it goes... now I'm totally hooked and realise this is forever. I'd found THE hairstylist, and now I have found THE personal trainer.

Thank you Yuliyana - you're the business!
Valentina Culatti
2018-02-04, 11:00
Yuliyana is a lifesaver!
I am in my forties and I strongly believe that exercise at this stage of life, combined with a balanced diet, can help going through menopause and guarantee longevity.
I started training with Yuliyana four months ago, twice a week, with the goal of getting healthier and stronger. I had no previous training experience therefore she had to start from the basics with me, even explaining the meaning of words like "squat" and "lunges". I saw progress quickly, I have already started building muscles with some decent definition. Yuliyana's classes are never boring, there is hardly any repeat of exercise and she switches focus from upper body to lower body, from balance to core smoothly. She is tough (it must be the Bulgarian school ;-)) yet understanding, avoiding pushing you too much when you are not having a good day but also challenging you when she is confident you can achieve more.
Another plus of training with Yulyiana is that she allows small group training.
I exercise with a friend of mine and this motivates both of us a great deal. No matter if my friend and I have different needs, Yuliyana designs each training session to benefit both.
On top of all this, Yuliyana provides nutrition advice which helps capitalising on training.
She is fun too!!! I could no longer do without her.
Jacqui Hyffes
2018-02-03, 18:52
Yuliyana has been my personal trainer for three years. I have always been a regular member of a gym
(for 20 years) and take my health and fitness very seriously. After I retired I realised that my regular
gym wasn’t challenging me or necessarily keeping be fit.I was very impressed with Yuliyana from the
beginning. She understood my needs and began an excellent fitness programme. She plans her sessions
thoroughly ensuring the client is never unfocused, in fact she goes well beyond, making the session
lively, stimulating and fun. At the same time she carefully encourages the body to challenge itself
thereby increasing strength and well being. The process of developing strength and well being is
flexible and carefully planned.
Yuliyana also takes an interest in you as a person, your life and your family. Conversation is easy and
she has a great sense of humour. She is thoroughly professional at all times and she listens carefully to
any concerns with sensitivity. She keeps herself in touch with all the new initiatives by attending
courses on a regular basis and constantly brings new ideas to the sessions. She is completely dedicated
to her clients ensuring she is developing their potential to the full.
Lupu Alexandra
2018-01-24, 13:29
It is a great pleasure to work with Yuliyana.
Her persistence keeps me focused and committed .She’s helped develop a new attitude in me. Along with more confidence and drive to stay healthy, I make the right diet choices to support progress in the gym. I’ve discovered a new confidence as I lost inches of fat over our first six months of training. Now I look forward to each session!
Kai Ikeda
2017-12-12, 19:33
When I first started training with Yuliana I had a back problem, i was stiff and I didn’t have any muscles at all. I told Yuliana that I wanted to get rid of my back problem so I can get better at basketball. But Yuliana did more than just fixing my back problem, she made my vertical jump increase by a huge amount and got me into a better shape that I can be proud of. I dislocated my shoulder by accident and the doctor told me that I couldn’t play any sports for two months. After one month of me doing nothing Yuliana told me that she can help my shoulder get better so I started to go to the gym again. She didn’t force me to do anything and she heard me out if I had a problem. Now I am fully recovered and better than before I dislocated my shoulder. It’s been three years since I have been going to the gym and I am really proud of the improvements that I made.
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