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I am a health and lifestyle coach, using my passion and motivation to deliver a variety of training programs to clients with goals ranging from weight loss to performance enhancement. I like to think of health as an ultimate form of self love. It is a complete state of physical, mental  and emotional well-being and it goes beyond what is happening on the outside and what others can see. 


I began my fitness journey at an early age, when I had excelled at basketball, quickly progressing to become a professional player. At the age of 25 I went from being an athlete to everyday person with no direction how to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. I then began my career as hairdresser and stylist and years later I have developed bad posture and chronic pain caused by repetitive movement and standing up for prolonged periods of time. It is at this point that fitness changed my life..... it started of as a hobby and rehab for my back problems, quickly turning into something new. I quickly began to get strong and fitness gave me the courage to achieve big, not just by lifting heavy but also other aspects of my life. Where I am today is a result of years of hard work, practice and experimenting with different exercise methods and nutritional plans.

I train clients of all ages, levels and needs, helping them by generating efficient sessions according to their individual needs. I am a result driven personal trainer, aspiring to make the clients lifestyles healthier. Using a range of innovative techniques including HIIT, Tabata workouts, circuit training and many more.

I help busy people like you to take control of their health, fitness and confidence. I’m very passionate about what I do and I’m really happy to be your health coach, motivator, friend and supporter throughout your journey to a healthy and active lifestyle. I promise that you will see results by being committed and patient. I pour my heart into this business: into your results. Its my passion to help you succeed. .

1 to 1 bespoke personal training services located in Muswell hill North London.

I maintain my professional development through training courses, workshops and events.

I hold certifications from leading providers in the sports industry: 


  • Premier Global and NASM

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Level 3 personal trainer

  • Suspension movement instructor TRX

  • Kettle bell instructor

  • VIPR instructor

  • Postural assessment and corrective exercise specialist

  • Strength training for seniors specialist

  • Women’s fitness specialist including Prenatal, Postnatal and Menopausal 

  • Modern Post Natal assessment and exercise prescription with Burrel Education

  • Modern pregnancy exercise with Burrell Education

  • Body Transformation and Performance

My lifestyle....


I used to force myself to do Yoga in the past, I always managed to find an excuses to miss classes due to my busy lifestyle.


As years went by I realised that maintaining focus when your body is under stress has great benefits to physical and mental health. It taught me to let go, not fixate on things and realise what I really want from life .

Now yoga is non negotiable and I do two classes per week. It is feeding my soul, just like training. 

Yoga brings me into a deep sense of relaxation physically and that creates more space for me  mentally and spiritually. I’m training my mind to remain calm even when my body is under stress.

Finding excuses is simply telling yourself what you want to hear instead of taking responsibility .



My mission....



I will help you unlock and embrace your physical, mental and spiritual potential and the power within you.

Lifting weights has made me who I am now- strong, confident and empowered.

Lifting weights change all aspects of my life.


I use fitness as a tool to grow  and become the best version of myself and to get where I want to be.

I strongly believe that fitness as well as having a strong mindset is crucial to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. 


Meditation changed my life and it can change yours too

It helped me become more aware of what I want and what brings me happiness,
as well as what isn’t serving me and needs to be let go of

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