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My Favourite Activewear!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

For me my fitness clothing is a fashion, way to express myself, my signature. When it comes to clothes and what to wear when I workout I discovered all workout leggings are definitely not the same . My ideal workout leggings should be as comfortable as possible, made to fit the natural curves of my body and show off my shape. I also need them to be moisture-wicking, breathable and durable. They should also be versatile and designed for heavy gym workouts as well as low-impact exercise such as yoga.

Why I like loonylegs?

They are crazy comfortable. Perfect for intense workout, run outside or yoga class.

Let’s not forget: they are also perfect for staying fabulous indoors. Compression materials help improve the circulation in my legs, are fitting to my skin and work with my muscles to further enhance my workout. Ladies, get ready! I personally swear by Loonylegs leggings .

Uniquely versatile, high-waisted, bum-boosting design works just as well for yoga as it does high-intensity cardio or strength training workouts , giving you the confidence you need to take your workout to the next level. Reimagined in new prints and colours each season, bold patterns and look-at-me shades. Made from top quality fabric. It’s all thanks to the high elastane content. These leggings are not only comfortable to wear, but will keep you feeling supported during heavy lifts, hinges ,squats and snatches. Lightweight fabric feels like second skin , you will want to wear them for more than just a trip to the gym or yoga. They’re breathable and can be styled with any top or footwear.

Designed to work for a range of activities,

I use them to lift, I use them to flow.

As you’d expect from a pair of workout leggings, the fabric is sweat-wicking, it draws moisture away from your body to keep you cool and comfortable.

I personally swear by Loonylegs leggings.

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