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Exploring the Importance and Science Behind Women Who Lift weights for Optimal Fitness


For a long time, weightlifting and strength training were strictly restricted to men. Recently however, more and more women have taken up these activities with the realization that they come along with many benefits. This has happened because several studies have supported the role of weightlifting in women debunking some of the myths and misconceptions that had surrounded these activities.


This article explores the importance of women to lift weights as well as the science behind weightlifting in women in the pursuit of optimal fitness.

Weightlifting and Women metabolism

To have a better metabolism, one needs to eat more and follow this up with more training. While muscle mass has been shown to be a better predictor of resting metabolic rate in men, concurrent studies have actually shown that the best predictor in women is actually calorie intake. Higher metabolism is therefore seen in women who eat and lift weights. Eating plenty of healthy foods and training using barbells among other weightlifting activities gives women some of the best-looking bodies as well as improving their metabolism.

Fat Loss and Protein Intake

Eating more calories that come from proteins together with weightlifting has been shown to be a major factor of bringing about fat loss. Contrary to what has been the norm, that one could gain fat by eating proteins, studies have disputed this and in fact shown that weightlifting women will lose it. Resistance training has been shown to be crucial and omitting it will not help with fat loss.


Muscle Gain And the Right Proteins Amounts

Women think that consuming proteins as high as 0.75g/lb is a lot. However, studies have revealed that this is actually the perfect amount for a weightlifting woman who intends to gain muscle. Care should be taken since going beyond this value has no benefit at all on muscle gain. However, it doesn't mean the extra will lead to fat gain. It can in fact keep your stomach full and displace more fats thus decreasing body fat as long as one is lifting weights.

Appropriate Rep Range for Weightlifting Women

Having effective rep ranges is crucial in determining the strength and muscle gain during resistance training. However, studies have actually shown that in fact all rep ranges can help build muscle as long as the last rep range is challenging enough. This has been demonstrated in women and has been found to be true in men too. While the findings suggest that rep ranges don't matter at all especially when sets are intense, the studies were conducted in women new to resistance training and would therefore not be conclusive.

Becoming Stronger by Lifting more than what you think you can

Most women are probably stronger than they think. Studies conducted have indicated that if women want to get even stronger, they should lift heavy enough weights and not just what they think is appropriate. Maximal strength can be built by a woman when she lifts over 85% of her rep max.

Physique shows and Weight Loss

What has science shown about women entering Physique shows? Well, any average woman who intends to take part in the Physique shown must lose as many as 17 pounds. That is roughly 11% of their body weight. Another consideration is having a visible six-pack. This comes when a woman is around 10% body fat percentage his has been measured by skin fold or ultrasound. Weightlifting women are more likely to therefore enter Physique shows since this is easy to achieve.


In conclusion, weightlifting for women is now backed with sufficient evidence and is no longer considered a thing of men. Weightlifting helps with reshaping the physique, enhancing bone density and even overall wellbeing. Women should therefore grab those dumbbells and challenge themselves to become even better.


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