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YPG Fitness





YPG Fitness personal training is all about you, your goals, your results.

From weight management to sports specific, rehabilitation to body transformation, postural correction and pre & postnatal training.


My  goal is to educate and inform you about your body and physiology and ensure exercises are performed accurately and safely.

I strongly believe that fitness as well as having a strong mindset is crucial to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

I will bring you the best of the fitness world and help you become stronger mentally and physically, the best version of your self.



YPG Fitness was founded with one goal in mind:
to demystify the outdated stereotypes around strength training and man and women over 40/50 , the stigma fitness is for young people, and show you how easily strength-based training can transform your mind and  body .

My aim is to arm you with the knowledge and tools to improve your health long term ,make lasting lifestyle changes ,loose body fat and keep it off by bringing you the best from fitness world.

I will help you build endurance, stability, power and confidence, each session has a specific goal-based focus to help you progress and enhance both your physical and mental health.

I strongly believe that fitness as well as having a strong mindset is crucial to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

I’m here to make your training entertaining – while challenging you at the same time, Build long term habits and results.
After-all, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

I’m with you every step of your journey ,coaching you throughout your workout from start to finish, delivering the motivation you need, and most of all having FUN!


Personal Coaching

Are you ready for a change?

Then start your fitness journey with me...


Group Training

I run weekly Small Group Training Classes every  Saturday...


Fat Loss

Everybody has different challenges when it comes to weight loss, so there is no "one size fits all" approach...


Strength Training For Menopause

Strength training can provide significant benefits to menopausal women by helping reduce many of the symptoms and discomfort they experience...

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Valentina Coulatti

"Yuliyana is a lifesaver! I started training four months ago, twice a week, and I have already started building muscles with some decent definition"


Holly Paterson

Yuliyana is a kind & caring individual & an impressive PT. She is focussed, determined & strong, which makes for a great role model for those of us wanting to improve our health, physical & mental wellbeing.

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Joanna Costa

Yuliyana has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the human body and can hone in on exactly which muscle needs work.

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