Beetroot and goats curd salad

1 large red beetroot

1 golden beetroot

1 orange

6 walnut halves

200g goats curd (can use ricotta)

2 radish

4tbls olive oil or cold press rapeseed oil

Salt and pepper

Wash beetroots, place on some foil and coat with 1 tbls oil some salt and pepper and the zest of ½ an orange, roast the beetroots at 180 degrees for an 75 mins. Cut in half to check the are soft throughout.

Leave to cool (these will keep for 2-3 days,

Thinly slice the radish and cut the beets into small wedges,

Now in a pan toast the walnuts until fragrant, add 1tbls sugar and toss over the walnuts until caramelized about a 1-2 mins.

To assemble toss the beetroot wedges and radish in some oil and season with salt and pepper, arrange on a plate and spot on the goats curd (or ricotta-Feta) crumble on the walnuts.. and drizzle with the remaining oil

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