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Body Weight Exercises

No matter how advanced you are, your ability to handle your own bodyweight will always serve as a foundation for strength and conditioning. It's from this foundation that you'll be able to build other skills.

Now's the time to sharpen your skills and upgrade your bodyweight exercises. Try these foam roller moves.

Seven Ways to Make These Even Harder:

1 – Slow your tempo.

Instead of your standard one-second up, two-seconds down tempo, try slowing down both your lifting and lowering speed. For example, three up and three down, or one up and four down, and so on. This'll create far more metabolic stress, especially when slowing down the concentric.

2 – Try descending ladders.

Do a superset of two exercises back to back, or pick an exercise that works one limb at a time and switch. Take push-ups and burpees for example: Do 10 reps of push-ups then 10 of burpees, then 9 and 9, then 8 and 8, and so on... without any rest. When you reach the last reps, you'll feel sorry you ever started. Just one set will suffice.

Seven Ways to Make These Even Harder
3 – Throw in iso holds.
Add in a static hold either on each rep or at the end of each set. They'll increase time under tension. And since you're stronger in an isometric position, they'll help tap into some extra capacity.

4 – Shorten your rest periods.
If you're used to taking 60-120 second rest periods, try cutting that in half. Incomplete rest periods are a simple way to make your bodyweight exercises so much harder, regardless of how many reps you're doing.

5 – Get smart with mechanical drop-sets (MDS).
It's a form of drop-set where instead of dropping the resistance, you manipulate the exercise and leverage factors to extend the set. Do the hardest variation first, then an easier one, and then the easiest. For instance, try doing rear-foot elevated split squats, then dropping to split squats, followed by standard squats. You won't be forgetting that set anytime soon!

6 – Increase range of motion.
It's always important to stay within your active range of motion. But sometimes when you're lifting heavier weights you forget how much more range of motion you actually have available. Consider that bodyweight exercises might afford you some extra range of motion, and maybe integrate a deficit with a box or two if it helps. For example, deficit split squats or ab walkouts off a step.

7 – Reverse your exercise order.
This is a simple but effective idea. You might typically start with your compound moves first then finish with some isolation exercises. Switch around your order to start with your isolation exercises. They'll require less weight and they'll pre-fatigue your compound exercises. For example, do some banded tricep pushdowns first, then finish with roller "triceps death" afterwards.
Bodyweight training can keep you healthy and your body fat in check. By employing slightly more intelligent strategies they can get you bigger, stronger, and leaner, too.

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